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EverLights are near-invisible on your home, easily customizable, and controlled at the touch of a button on your mobile device. Whether it’s birthdays, showers, holidays and more, it’s so easy to liven up your home for the occasion!

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Complete Mobile Control

Complete Mobile Control

- Control each individual light with our custom sequence builder
- Preview your patterns as you build them. Changes are instant.
- Set on autopilot! Holiday patterns auto activate at dusk and dawn. Set it and forget it.
- Program your sequences to your calendar. Set multiple patterns for any calendar date or event.

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Nearly Invisible

Everlights will light up on every occassion at night, but will blend into your house during the day.

Professional Installation

Rest assured, your new toy will be professionally installed with Clear Home who has installed over 200,000 products.

Like What You See?

Secure your business with extra lighting. So while you give your business a face lift, increase the security. Research has proven a significant reduction in crime when an area is lit as opposed to areas without light. If you're not interested in flashy lights, try the classic lighting.

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Financing Options Coming Soon!

Clear Home is dedicated to helping those needing a little help to get this fun product added to your home. We're currently working on financing options for an affordable monthly payment. Get started today with a free quote.

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Like what you see?